martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017



Eldir, prince of the Northern Lowlands. As a young boy he was plucked from his mother's arms to be educated as the most fearsome warrior, destined to end the scourge of endless war. Raised by whip and sword, he never gave up his own self or his ideals. Possessed by a magic he does not understand, he commits a war crime so atrocious that he cannot forgive himself. His greatest desire: to exile himself to a place so distant that no one could have felt the scourge of his acts.
The only possible place for him is very far away, in time and space, the Argentinian Patagonia.
Wounded, lonely, confused ... The Nuñez siblings, Gabriela and Ignacio, are his only means of expiation and redemption. Together they will undertake, not only a journey into the bowels of the earth seeking to understand the magnitude of a mystery that binds them, but will also travel a path of self-discovery in which the reader will become more than a witness. He will become part of it, discovering vital energy able to jump from the pages of the book, revealing his strengths, his fears, until he feels himself… a hero.

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